The Stone Gatehouse

An enchanting and historic NYC property

GATEHOUSE HOUNDS and other assorted critters...


KOALA BEAR and DIVA MARIE enjoying a little R & R when there are no puppies around!



Coco Chanel under the willow trees at Snug Harbor.

Puppies enjoying a good romp on the Fort Wadsworth Beach.

The Triple Threat: Harley, Cody and Zoey!

Zoey, Riley & Cody!

Riley AKA "Mighty Mouse"

Don't be fooled by her demure appearance and fashionable way of dressing. This is a whirling dervish of a dog.

Taffy - Its been a hard days night and I've been sleeping like a DOG!

LeRoy, a magnificent, charming bon vivant from L.A.


 Sophisticated, yes! But enjoys rubbing his face in dead worms as much as the next dog.



Blaze enjoying the stream at Allison Pond. 


Swim and Sniff: Blaze and Shadow


Sasha & Coco

Exploring the Chinese Scholar's Garden. 

Nicky AKA Nicholas Sarkozy

Nicky and the French President have several things in common. They are both of small stature with oversized attitudes and have a thing for supermodels!  

Holly, a high-energy gal, needs her beauty rest!

Blaze enjoying New York Harbor.

This was the first time that Blaze went in the water. Now you can't keep him out. 

Bella the Bernese Mountain Dog

Bella is perhaps the sweetest visitor to the Stone Gatehouse and is definitely the largest canine guest. She is seen with her favorite stuffed animal - Gorilla! 


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Bella and her feline pal, Creamsicle.






Spinny is another Chihuaua with ATTITUDE and the apple of her Daddy's eye! 


Trotter is becoming "one with the pillows!"

Lil Kim


With attitude straight from the hood, Lil Kim was brought into the Brooklyn AC & C with her feral siblings. Domesticated at the Stone Gatehouse, the kitties all found good homes. Lil Kim, savvy and street-smart, knows a good thing when she sees one and decided to stay.


Marie and Marie's Mini-me

These two rabbits are "birds of a feather," snorting, ornery thumpers that rule the Gatehouse with iron rabbit's feet.  No dog dare sniff at their food bowls. Marie and Mini-me drives them off with a slap at the cage.  

Los Tres Amigos

Tiger, Lil Kim and Reid 

Cats Rule and Dogs Drool!

Nino surveys the backyard from above. 

Diva Smiles!

And why shouldn't she be happy...



Do you have a pooch or pooches that would like to join the Gatehouse Hounds?

Please contact Joyce at #718-406-4268 or e-mail