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What a handsome boy!

Cody the Cockapoo is up for adoption!


Cody is a 1-year-old male Cocker Spaniel/Poodle born on November 7th, 2010. He has a shiny black hypo-allergenic coat. Although he is difficult to photograph, Cody is wonderful to live with: he does not shed and is a great dog for people with allergies. He is neutered and has all of his shots.

Cody is currently being fostered at the Stone Gatehouse. Although well cared for, Cody's Mom injured herself and found it too difficult to walk her dogs following the surgery. Cody will be placed free of cost to a family that can provide a loving home. It would be outstanding if you have other dogs and/or cats because Cody really enjoys being around other creatures and plays nicely. He likes kids, too, providing they are gentle.

Cody is housebroken, well-behaved and obedient. He can be walked in the woods off-leash and comes back when called. He is super affectionate, charming and sociable. You could not ask for a better dog.

Okay, you're wondering what the negatives are because - like people - no dog is perfect. Well, Cockapoos, like poodles, need periodic grooming. And Cody never met a paper towel that he didn't chew into a million pieces or a sock that he didn't play tug-of-war with. Also, Cody can be a little coy when first meeting strangers and needs some time to warm up to them. Once he trusts you then you are a friend for life.

This really isn't a negative but ,,, Cody is an early morning goofball. Yes, a goofball! After breakfast, he will jump on you, try to play ball, give you a really long lick and leave his tongue on your arm and do an assortment of other silly things to get your attention. The truth is, it is actually very endearing.


Adoption Incentives: 

Cody comes with a return policy. If things do not work out bring him back at anytime - no questions asked.

When you go on vacation, Cody can come for a slumber party at the Stone Gatehouse free of charge.

Daily doggie daycare will be provided while you are at work for the ridiculously low price of $5 per day. Evening babysitting can also be arranged. 



Cody as a puppy!

Cody has gotten quite a bit larger since this photo was taken during the summer. He is now double the size of Riley, the small Jack Russell terrier.  

Cody playing tug-of-war! It's a favorite past time.

To get a sense of Cody's personality, check out the video below.

First there is nothing and then....

Devil dogs on the run!


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